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            Prenuptial Agreement Attorney in San Marcos, CA

            A prenuptial agreement is about more than signing a contract.  It is about protecting your property and assets.  It is about being pragmatic and planning for the future.  In today’s world, signing a prenuptial agreement can be absolutely vital to protecting yourself and your family.

            The San Diego prenuptial agreement attorneys of Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP, are dedicated to helping people draft strong, well-designed prenuptial agreements.  We can also assist with the enforcement of such an agreement in the event of a divorce. To discuss your needs and concerns with us in more detail, please contact our office today by calling 858-935-6211.

            How We Can Help

            Prenuptial agreements – or prenups, as they are commonly called – can be written to cover virtually any aspect of a marriage.  Most commonly, they include provisions which deal with:

            • Division of property (including intellectual property)
            • Spousal support
            • Probate matters

            Divorce litigation can be difficult and time-intensive.  A well-constructed prenuptial agreement may be the best way to prevent a potentially hostile proceeding.  It is important that both you and your spouse consider all the important elements of your relationship before entering into a premarital agreement.  Discussing your needs with an experienced and compassionate prenuptial agreement attorney can help you both to gain peace of mind.

            Contact Us

            If you’re getting married and are concerned about your property and your future, the attorneys of Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP, may be able to help.  Our compassionate San Diego divorce lawyers can help you to draft a strong premarital contract custom tailored to your needs and concerns.  To talk to us in detail about your circumstances, please contact our office today by calling 858-935-6211.

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