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            Paternity Attorney in San Marcos, CA

            Paternity is a more complex area of law than most people think. Not only can the question of paternity be personally important for a father-to-be, but it can also greatly affect legal issues such as child custody and child support in a divorce or separation.

            If you have current concerns regarding paternity that could have significant consequences for your life, you need a responsible, committed San Diego paternity attorney that you can count on to vigorously represent your best interest throughout your case. Contact the family lawyers of Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP, at 858-935-6211 today.

            Paternity Actions

            Paternity is a critical legal issue in cases that involve a father’s right to see his child and his duty under the law to support his children. If you are concerned about your rights or obligations as a father, our attorneys are prepared to assist you with paternity issues that include:

            • Paternity testing
            • Child custody and visitation rights
            • Child support
            • Paternity actions

            DNA tests today are capable of proving or disproving paternity with an accuracy approaching 100%. If you have been ordered to pay child support but suspect that you are not the birth father, or have been denied child custody or visitation because you are not believed to be father, our San Diego paternity lawyers can help to resolve your dispute. We can assist you with filing or defending against a paternity action so that your role is legally and conclusively decided.

            Contact Us

            At the law office of Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP, we understand the complex paternity action process and are able to help you cut through the red tape and paperwork for prompt and decisive action. For a confidential consultation regarding the specifics of your case, contact our San Diego paternity attorneys today by calling 858-935-6211.

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